Sunday Fitness Session

Sunday Fitness Session

Our free Sunday fitness sessions will start next Sunday Oct. 27th @ The Sports Complex ( weather permitting).

Each week we will take a head count so we can plan for participation. Please reply to this email to let us know if your player plans to participate on Oct. 27th.

Details on the program are listed below.

These sessions are designed to build & maintain the fitness levels of our spring tackle rugby players, however, all athletes 3rd grade and up are welcome to participate – so bring your friends!

Sessions are free and will take place Sundays from 1:30pm – 3:00pm at various locations in Culpeper. These sessions will focus on fitness skills such as agility, strength, stamina and speed. We plan to bring in a variety of coaches, trainers, athletes, etc to help with each session. There will be NO TACKLING during these sessions.





Getting season tickets and want to sit with the club? Follow THIS LINK !!!

You will need as password so reach out to Jon for that.


We are excited to announce we are working with Old Glory to source some season tickets with a block on the seating dedicated to Culpeper Rugby! If anyone is interested in tickets and wants to sit with us please let us know before (or maybe even after) purchasing. We are targeting the Family Section known as O-ZONE!

Holiday Events

Holiday Events

Reindeer Rugby is our annual charity tag rugby tournament.  This year we will be holding the tournament on Sunday, December 15 at Yowell Meadow Park with KO at 1:30pm.  We encourage both kids and adults to participate in this event.  If you are not able to participate you can make a donation.

Money raised from this event will go to support our local Power Pack program.  Power Pack helps Culpeper County students who receive free lunch at school to have meals on weekends and holidays during the school year.

We also are offering a number of new club items in our team store.  This year you can find hats, beanies, shirts, mugs and more at the link below.

We also will be participating in the:

Contact us to get involved.